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Certified Organic Blueberries
Thanks to everyone for your great support. Demand this year is higher than ever and our crop is not too large so supply will be very tight, as usual.

We hope to contact last year's customers in the next week to total up their orders. If any berries remain, we will begin emailing people on our contact list.

If you would like some of our berries, now or in the future, it is imperative that you email us so we can add you to our contact list.

Harvest will begin in the next week or two.

We offer several wonderful varieties of certified organic blueberries. All fruit is packed in 5-lb Zip-Loc freezer bags, ready for your table or freezer. We only sell fresh fruit on the day it is picked. All else is frozen.

Please note: All sales by pre-order. Closed Sundays.
Updated 14 July 2010